Over 100 Police Agencies drop out of agreements to Guard DNC Convention

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More than 100 law enforcement agencies have a quote withdrawn from coming to Milwaukee, to help with the democratic national convention, a significant development less than three weeks away from the event Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales said that this afternoon, the Chief says these agencies are concerned about orders from the fire and police commission demanding an end to the use of pepper spray, and tear gas on demonstrators, and the common council’s concern over crowd munitions morales says some departments are worried they will not have the proper tools to maintain the order should protest escalate to violence.

That has been a growing peace and growing concern give us some numbers on that well over 100 law enforcement agencies have withdrawn well over 100 agencies now as the chief plans for a national convention he is also, under increasing scrutiny from the fire police commission on how he runs the police department.

Asking the chief about the multiple directives including how and who he has disciplined as chief do you think the fire police commission wants more oversight on how you discipline your officers and whether or not, you’re tough enough on them when they do something wrong he said: “I would say that’s a fair comment and do you think that’s agreeable well part of the duties of me as chief of police is to identify my discipline process, and have that discipline.” now the Chief says he has already provided some of the information requested by the commission and will continue to do.

The information comes as violent left-wing riots have rocked several cities throughout the U.S. within the weeks because of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Sadly, a few have selected to answer George Floyd’s demise in a much an awful lot much less effective manner with the aid of using demonizing the police, selling slogans like A.C.A.B (All Cops Are Bastards), to defund the Police.

This whole thing started with the full defund the police, a campaign where police were like okay we’re going to stop doing this and that they just told someone in vegas that they better not call 9-1-1 if they need help, since they’re supporting to defund them they’re saying you better stop, and think about what you’re doing and supporting here because if you want to defund us, we will no longer exist and if we wish to show up or not, because of the way you’re if we’re defunded we will not be there to serve and protect the people period including your business.

This is changing the tune of many people that are having these goons by design come through their neighbourhoods, and ransack their small businesses busting out their windows and destroying everything trying to beat them into submission now the police are saying, and the police have not been perfect by no means as well we know that cops have committed atrocities across the country left and right and around the world, and it will continue to happen okay it will just like thugs will keep robbing places there are going to be corruption in every department it’s never going just to disappear.

It’s there we get that, but when you pull these police out of different areas, it sets the stage for mad chaos if you didn’t realize already, if you didn’t see the cops just standing there when I was in Louisville buildings burning smashing windows knocking people out cops didn’t do anything they sat there, because they were given orders to sit there and watch, these are the same men that took an oath to serve and protect and are being told to sit there.

Their warning that they are not going to be in Milwaukee for this DNC convention at least 100 different agencies, cancelling agreements now there’s the word that there may be massive protests up here and isn’t it just peculiar that they make this move and, right on the heels right at the same time the bar just announces an uptick a significant increase in resources in three places Detroit Cleveland and Milwaukee so this time around it’s not going to be protesters come this election time right right around the corner it’s not going to be protesters and police so much it’s going to be protesters in federal allies.

What do you think?

Written by Nas