Microsoft in talks with ByteDance to buy Tiktok US, maybe Banned by September 15


The clock is ticking for one of the world’s most popular social media applications U.S president Donald Trump accuses Tik Tok’s parent company byte dance of sharing user data with the Chinese government, a charge the company refutes Trump is threatening to ban the platform’s operations unless it’s acquired by a U.S company, Microsoft is swooping in with a bid to buy out Tik Tok’s operations in the U.S and other countries.

Microsoft totally appreciates the significance of addressing the president’s considerations it’s dedicated to buying tick shares topic to entire safety review, and offering correct financial advantages to the USA together with the USA treasury Microsoft will transfer rapidly to pursue discussions with Tik Tok’s company ByteDance in a matter of weeks and in any event, ending these discussions no later than September 15, 2020. the U.S makes up 10 percent of ticktock’s total user base and it’s expected to generate 500 million dollars in revenue there this year the company says the tie-up with Microsoft will ensure the app remains available to these valuable users.
Chinese officials say Washington’s national security concerns over the app are unfounded, it also accuses the U.S government of forcing international companies to hand over control to U.S competitors secretary of state Mike Pompeo says similar actions will be taken against other Chinese tech companies in coming days a move that could further worsen the already deteriorating ties between the world’s largest economies.

Do you believe that the app does pose a security threat?

Can any video media platform at Jose national security risk absolutely, We know even if we’re looking within western European and U.S Countries we know for a fact that from 2013 social media platforms and, video providers do provide some quantity of data and, user information to the government so it’s not very conspiratorial to suggest that a video platform may be providing information um certainly where that’s legislated in western markets we know that it has happened whether it’s happening at the scale that the trump administration is suggesting is another question does seem very inflatable some of the accusations that have been made with very little substantiation.

Is that a concern for user data or is it more about geopolitics?

I think probably a little bit of both certainly, there’s been talk for many months now about user data and personal data and personal data privacy and the fact that even if Tik Tok is operating in the US and is storing its data mostly in other places the US or third countries uh that technically it could still be asked to send its data back to China if the Chinese government wanted it to so that can that concern has a legitimate basis but of course, there’s also this atmosphere of constantly intensifying rhetoric right now in the bilateral relationship and we’re in the middle of a U.S presidential election where China has become a hot-button issue I think that’s a piece of the picture that we can’t ignore.

We know tik tok is hugely popular roughly half a billion users worldwide 80 million of those in the U.S do you believe that tik tok will survive this?

I do believe so um I feel that they’ve given a lot of ground um even before this current situation blew up they were very careful making themselves look more friendly sort of distancing them away from their Chinese roots relocating their headquarters to London appointing a new American CEO um so it appears that they’re very open to making uh tick-tock very distant and perhaps a separate entity in the international market to buy dents so I believe they will eventually concede reach an agreement and tick-tock will survive as we know it.

What do you think?

Written by Nas