Microsoft Announce Xbox Series X Will Launch in November Without ‘Halo Infinite’

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Microsoft announced what we already know the Xbox series x will launch in November let’s take a closer look.

Microsoft has come out with a statement and confirmed that the new Xbox will launch this November now. We already knew that it would, still, in these uncertain times. It is nice to have that confirmation now there’s quite a lot to unpack here we hear rumors of a 6 November launch date a price announcement. Possibly being pushed back to September, and Microsoft trying to find a replacement for the massive gap halo infinite left.

Before we get into all of that, let’s start at the beginning. Aaron Greenberg via Stuart the page released the Xbox wire Walt Tuttle wrote the article, and this is what they had to say regarding the launch of the Xbox series X this November, they start by addressing halo infinite delay, and that we already know by this point. Then they go on to say that even in the absence of the master chief, there will still be plenty to keep us busy this holiday thousands of games spanning over four generations and over 100 Games optimized for the Xbox series X.

Next-generation features like ray tracing quick resume, and frame rates up to 120 frames per second, Only possible through the power of Xbox series X, we will also be getting new games developed for the Xbox series X that will be launching with a game pass like a medium which we are excited for the scorn which looks interesting we don’t know what to make of it yet.

Tetris effect Microsoft is also putting a lot of focus on backward compatibility, PlayStation has the advantage when it comes to third-party exclusives, but backward compatibility Xbox is hitting it out of the park thousands of games will be available day one.

Now we know this console will launch in November the question is when in November according to tom warren from the verge it will be 6 November as you might know by now last week a next-generation the white controller was leaked while the person who bought the controller sent an image of the box to tom warren. On there, it says not to be sold or displayed before 6 November, so that could be the release date for the Xbox series X, and that could be big for Microsoft for the current generation.

The PlayStation 4 was released the week before the Xbox One, and for 100$ cheaper, That gave Sony a great head start. If Xbox can release a week before PlayStation with the more reasonable price which we know they are planning on doing, they could get the head start. That they need to close that gap, and that brings me to the price. We have been hearing that both Sony and Microsoft will be revealing their price in august while now an insider is suggesting that the price for the Xbox will be pushed back to September, and that is a bit frustrating we do need to know what the costs of these consoles will be.

Both companies are just playing chicken right now which is why Microsoft is pushing their date back possibly until September they are determined to have Sony go first and then undercut their price soon with the delay of halo infinite, the Xbox launch lineup did take a massive hit while Phil Spencer might be trying to fill that gap no pun intended nothing confirmed yet just whispers, but they might be trying to approach a few third-party developers for an exclusivity deal, that is something they should be doing more there are even some talks that they are trying to get cyberpunk 2077 not exclusively, of course, but for the game to launch on the game pass day one overall.

It will be interesting to see how things play out in august there are many things that they are planning and lots of information that we still need the biggest we would say is the price, and we hope that we will be getting that announcement soon. 

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Written by Nas