How to Livestream Your iPhone Screen to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch for free

Livestream Your iPhone Screen to Youtube Fb Twitch for free

Not a single post on google talk about Livestream your iPhone screen to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, for free. I will give a decent explanation of how to use the app Omlet Arcade. And how to handle your video and your audio while streaming with the app.

  • Of course, the first step when using Omlet Arcade: Livestream Games is downloading the app from the App Store.
  • Once the download is finished, click on open, and that will open the explanation, and right here, we immediately get prompted to make an account, enter a user name and click on Create Account.
  • Click on your avatar, and go to Account Settings, set an Email and password to complete your profile.
  • Check your Email; a verification email was sent to your Email. Open it and click on the Activate Account.

Setting up the Livestream

  • On the bottom, click on the plus icon and then choose Go Live.

Note: you have to enable recording for your device. Go to the settings, then click on Control Centre and then click on customize controls, and now the top bar will be the controls that you have when you slide down on the top right of your screen and add screen recording option.

  • There is a lot of pop-ups, in the beginning, are annoying, but some of them are useful, so just read everything that comes on your screen and skip the useless parts.
  • Right here, you need to connect your live streaming platform. If you want to stream to Facebook, youtube, or twitch, then you will need to link your accounts.

I will link a Youtube account in the video below.

  • After connecting your live streaming platform click on next, and that will bring us to the
    streaming settings
  • Choose your game and give a title to your screen, then choose then under that stream settings. This is crucial to click on the settings icon on the right of that, and there we will select a quality in which you will be streaming your game. And this does not depend on your mobile device, but it depends on your internet speed
    your internet connection.
  • Click on done.

Livestream your game

  • Open your game
  • slide down on the top right of your screen and click on the Screen Recording icon
  • Select Omlet Arcade
  • Enable or disable your mic
  • Click on Start broadcast

In case you encounter any problem, here is a video that explains everything.

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