Jersey Sales Soar For Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac After He Stood Alone For National Anthem

Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac’s jersey still skyrocketed over the weekend. It may not have been for the best reasons like what he can do on the basketball court the Orlando magic forwards; jersey sales were second only to Lebron James. Here’s why.

A lot was going on when it came to Jonathan Isaac this weekend. Still, it all officially started when the bubble was doing their tip-off July 30th or 31st for the magic when they had their first game against the Brooklyn Nets. Jonathan Isaac is a promising player for the future of the Orlando magic. Still, over the weekend, in his return to the court, he made some fans possibly for the wrong reasons before, the magic’s first game of the bubble on Friday against the Brooklyn Nets while everyone else in attendance kneeled during the national anthem, Isaac chose to stand, he also decided to not wear the black lives matter a warm-up shirt like the rest of his team, leaving a lot of fans scratching theirs.

Heads then, after the unfortunate loss to the Brooklyn Nets, Isaac was asked by Taylor rooks why he chose to stand while everyone else kneeled. He gave an exciting response saying this ”I felt like just me personally um and what it is that I believe in standing on the stance that um I do believe that black lives matter but, I just felt like it was the decision that I had to make and I didn’t, I don’t feel like putting that shirt on and kneeling one hand in hand with supporting black blouse or that it made me support black lives or not I believe that for myself, my life has been supported through the gospel of Jesus Christ and that everyone is made in the image of God and that we all foreshadow God’s glory, and that you know each and every one of us, each and every day does things that we shouldn’t do.”

After his choice to stand, his jersey sales jumped up so high that he was only second to Lebron James this weekend. Unfortunately, we do know. However, the majority are applauding players to protest against systematic racism; there’s also a big crowd of people that believe the peaceful protest of kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful to the flag and, it is pretty obvious which side quickly became Jonathan Isaac fans whether you support his decision or not.

Unfortunately, during the magics game on Sunday, he suffered a knee injury that later turned out to be a torn ACL, which will keep him out of the remainder of the season; Isaac has already had a history of injuries with that same knee. Unfortunately, he suffered the damage that he did now believe what you want to think with his reasoning and what he decided not to do during his game against the Nets.

We will never wish any type of injury or any kind of harm to anybody. Although we don’t necessarily agree with his decision to stand and not have the shirt on, we do feel wrong with the history of injuries that he has had and then to have another one piled on top of it, especially with the same knee.

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