iOS 14 Beta 5 Released with New ‘Tall’ Widgets, a Better Hidden Album, and More

Apple has released beta 5 for ios 14 and iPadOS 14 to developers for testing purposes, which provides a few new changes and features included with this new update. What’s New in iOS 14 

  • First up, we have a new apple news widget

Option now offering a much taller widget window that takes up the entire screen and provides more space for users to see additional news stories. Unfortunately, due to its size, this prevents the widget from being used on the home screen and is only available in the today view section.

larger news widget ios 14

  • Widget Privacy

For apps that use location, there’s now a pop-up that asks you if you want to enable widgets. For these apps to additionally use your location information, widgets can use location information for Up to fifteen mins while activated, and the region offerings privateness settings for apps now factor out.

What's New in iOS 14

  • Alarm clock 

Inside of the alarm clock app, you can now use a finger to swipe through the clock wheel to set the time rather than having to type it, but because it is much smaller then the wheel in ios 13, you do still have the option to sort the time if that’s easier for you.

  • Notifications

The exposure notifications interface has been modified in ios 14. now tapping on activating exposure notifications brings up a choice to decide on a country area or state, and it’ll let you recognize if an exposure notification app is out there to you.

  • Hidden Photo Albums

In ios 14 beta five, you now have the option to hide the hidden album inside of the Photos app, so whenever you hide a photo, the photo then gets removed from whatever Album or the all photo section, and it just gets sent to the hidden album section. Unfortunately, anyone who looks through your photo albums can scroll down and find the hidden album available, and all the pictures are pretty easy to find well with this new setting. At the same time, there are no additional securities set in place. You can now toggle off the hidden album making it less likely for someone to stumble upon.

  • Battery settings

It the settings app under battery the last charge level has been tweaked a bit rather than displaying the previous charge level over to the right of the interface it’s now displayed with the previous wording charge to make it easier to see at a glance.

  • Music App

In the music app, one of the favorite additions to the now playing screen is the gradient color scheme that mimics the colors of the album art, and it sort of shifts throughout as the song is playing well in older ios 14 betas whenever you switch tracks. There were different colors and different album art. The colors took a while to adjust to that new album art, but in beta five, this color change happens much faster. There is a visualization of how the spatial audio feature in ios 14 for the AirPods pro.


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Written by Nas