How to spoof location on iPhone, Fake GPS Location

In this post, I’m going to show you How to spoof location on iPhone. You can teleport anywhere you want while remaining in the same place and make your device think that you’re, for example, in New York or the Bahamas or wherever you want.

It works throughout your entire iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It will even work with Uber, Snapchat, and every single application that uses location. Your device will think that you’re in that location. Another cool thing about this is that it does not require a jailbreak.

What we need to spoof location on iPhone

All right now, all you need for this to work is a computer and open up your internet browser and click on the Link.

Now it will bring you to Dr.Fone virtual location, you could teleport your iPhone GPS anywhere in the world, and you can also simulate GPS movements like walking or, for example, you’re in a car. Still, you’re not actually, and it will emulate that.

And it also works with AR Games or Apps or any app or a game on your iPhone like Uber, Snapchat, Instagram…

All you got to do is download it. There’s a download button for Windows or Mac and install it.

  • Open Dr.Fone,
  • Plug in your iPhone into the computer,
  • Click on Virtual Location,
  • It will bring up a new window, click on Get Started,
  • It will start connecting to your device Click on Next,

Unlock your phone. If it asks you to trust your device, tap on trust, and inside iTunes on the computer, which would automatically open up, you want to make sure that your device shows up or that it just appears to be connected.

You do need to have items installed; otherwise, this will not recognize your device because it does use the drivers from Itunes.

  • Now a maps Show on your Screen type the address you want in the address bar,
  • Click on Move Here and hit Still Move.

Now on your phone, you can see in Maps that you are over the new address.

If you want to go to another address, close all the app on your phone and go ahead and type in an address or you can scroll around, and you can also zoom out and click on Move Here and click on Still Move.

At the bottom, you can even choose the speed at which you’re moving. For example, you can make it so that it seems like you’re walking or riding your bike or even driving because it will turn up or down the speed at which you are moving could even make routes.

How to spoof location on iPhone

On the top right, you have this teleport mode which teleports you, and then you have the one-step route and then the multi-step route.

How to spoof location on iPhone

Just click on it, for example, the one-step route and click somewhere, and it will say Move here, and you will start going to that location.

At the bottom right, you also see historical records, so if you’re going to click on this, you can see everywhere that you have been, so that’s super cool. You’re also going to clear it if you want to or go back to the same places.

And you can also go ahead and zoom in and out you can see your current location over here, and it’s so amazing, so simple, but it works well.

When you get this virtual location, it is free to use for the first two hours, and you can do whatever you want, but after that, it is paid, so if you do want to continue using it, you buy a subscription.

If you want to go back to normal, all you got to do is reboot your device.

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