How to make iPhone talk when charging

How to make iPhone talk when charging

The new update iOs 14 lets you do some cool stuff, but there is a trend on Tik Tok about how to make iPhone talk when charging. You can plug in your iPhone, and you can make Siri say whatever you want.

Let’s dive in and see How to Create the Charging Automation where Siri Talks whenever your iPhone is Plugging In. You can also make it play a song or set Low Power Mode.

  • What you’re going to want to do is open the shortcuts app on your iPhone; if you don’t have it, you can get it from the app store; it’s a free app,
  • Go to the Automation tab,
  • Tap on Create Personal Automation and scroll down,
  • Click on Charger,

And then you have “Is Connected” selected that way, every time your Charger is connected, it makes a sound and then later you can create a shortcut for when it’s disconnected, so right now, every time your iPhone gets charged, it will run a list of commands that you set.

How to make iPhone talk when charging is Connected

  • After Clicking on Charger, click on Next, and set some commands.

The first command that we’re going to add is we’re going to make the volume level as loud as possible.

  • Click on Add Action,
  • Type Set Volume In the search bar and click on it, then make it 100% because we want to be able to hear well what Siri has to say when you type in whatever you want.

The Second command that we’re going to add is Speak Text.

  • Click on the Plus icon.
  • Type Speak Text In the search bar and click on it.
  • Type whatever you want in the text bar Ex “ouch, it hurts.”
  • Click on Show More, and you can customize the Rate, Pitch, Language, and Voice.
  • Click on the Play icon down-right to hear the text.
  • Click on the Next button
  • Click on Done
  • Tune off Ask Before Running

That’s it; now you can hear your text whenever charging is Connected.

How to make iPhone talk when charging is Connected

Basically, just do the same steps, have your list of actions, and there you go.

Now what you could also do is if you actually want to get the full use of Siri shortcuts instead of making Siri say something, you could have your iPhone set to do Low Power mode.

  • Add the action “Set Low Power Mode.”
You can also play a song. 
  • Add the action “Play Music.”
You Can download an mp3 and get it on your iPhone and cute the clip of the song that you want and then you can get your iPhone to play that specific mp3 and so if it’s a 10-second mp3 clip then what happens is when you plug in your iPhone it’ll just play that 10-second clip, so you don’t have the full song playing.
  • Check the video below if you have any issues.
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