How to Lock Notes in Apple Notes on Mac and iPhone

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Apple Notes is likely one of the most excellent built-in apps that include Apple devices. Apple has been improving the notes app loads each by way of options and appears. For instance, the iOS 14 beta contains a new on-device intelligence mode and a cleaner look. However, today, we’re not speaking about these options. Instead, we are going to find out about an essential Apple Notes function that was relaunched a while. It’s the flexibility to lock particular person notes on Apple Notes. We are going to show you can do it.

Lock Notes in Apple Notes on Mac and iPhone

Most of us save delicate data within the Apple Notes app. And while the app is safe, including an additional layer of safety for extra-sensitive info is all the time warranted. To permit customers to protect their information, Apple launched a brand new function that lets customers lock particular person notes.

Lock Notes on iPhone and iPad

  • Method 1: swipe right-to-left on a note, and tap on the lock icon.

Swiping to lock note

  • Method 2: Select the “Lock Note” option, after a long-press on a note.

long pressing to lock notes

  • Method 3: Open the note you want to lock, click on the share icon, and tap on the “Lock Note” option.

Locking Notes by Sharing

Notice: Whenever you use any of the above strategies to lock your notes for the primary time, it is going to ask you to enter a password for locking notes.

  • You’ll be able to change your locked notes password, go to Settings -> Notes -> Password and reset the password, and you’ll create different passwords for notes saved in your iPhone and those saved on iCloud.

changing notes password

Lock Notes in Apple Notes on Mac

Though you’ll be locking notes individually, it’s essential to set the password just one time. When you put the password, all of the notes are locked using the identical password. And in case your Mac supports Touch ID, you may unlock them using it.

Open the Notes and right-click on a note that you want to lock and click lock note, or you can click the lock note button come down select lock note. Now when you do that this is the first time you have ever lock a note in Apple notes it’s going to prompt you for a password you are going to give it one, you going to set a hint and click to set that password. Click the lock note button and select “Close All Locked Notes”.

Now you can see the contents of your note are hidden the title still visible, but everything in the body of the note is not. To unlock it comes down to the text box and type in your password. If you go to lock other notes, it’s going to use that password.
Protect Notes on Mac by Locking Apple Notes

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