How to backup old iPhone & restore to iPhone 12 (setup process)

How to backup old iPhone & restore to iPhone 12 (setup process)

Today I’m going to show you how to backup old iPhone & restore to iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro.

This is going to be a straightforward process, and it seems like it gets better. You’re going to be able to transfer over everything, including your contacts or text messages, your photos, your applications, everything.

We’re not going to waste any time. Let’s go ahead and get straight into this.

If you have already passed the screen, if you already went ahead and set up your iPhone 12, you can get back to the screen by simply going into settings.

Then you want to go to general, then scroll down to reset, and you want to erase all content and settings, put in your passcode, and then be brought back to this initial setup screen.

But if you have not done that already and you’re on this setup screen on your new iPhone 12, we can go ahead and begin.

The first thing you want to do is actually go to your old device, and you want to go ahead and make
an iCloud backup to be safe. This is not required, but this is definitely recommended.

What you want to do is go into your settings, top on your name, up top, go to iCloud and then scroll all the way down until you get to iCloud backup and you want to go ahead and click on backup.

Now, you want to make sure you have a recent backup, probably within the past seven days. Now, once again, this is recommended; it’s not required to transfer your data over to your new phone, but this is highly recommended to do for everybody.

You should already be doing this because if your phone breaks or if you lose your phone and you are not doing iCloud backups, you’re pretty much going to lose everything, all your photos, all your contacts, all your text messages, everything.

You should be doing iCloud backups. If you don’t have enough space, go ahead and buy space that is worth it. You could get it starting at 99 cents per month. So definitely make sure you are doing iCloud backups and make sure you have one saved here from within the past seven days, preferably.

Just do one right before you do this process. And if you go into your managed storage section right here, and then you go down to your iCloud backups, you can actually see other backups as well and delete other backups.

If you don’t have enough space because maybe older backups are taking up space, you can actually delete those by going in here and going to backups. And from here, you can actually delete some of those backups.

Once you’ve done the iCloud backup, let’s go ahead and show you how to transfer everything over. And once again, it is very, very simple. So if you’re on the screen on your new iPhone 12, I want to lock the old phone and then unlock it.

And you should see a prompt right there. And you just saw it pop up. Let go back and do that right here. You will see it on the screen right there when you put it in your passcode. So don’t press that on the home.

But if you have a home button device, just put in your touch I.D. or maybe your face I.D. You can see that says user applied to set up your new iPhone tap on continue, and then it will connect. And you can see here you will have to scan this little code right there.

Let’s go ahead and scan that with our phone. There we go. We scanned it, and now it’s going to transfer all the data over wirelessly. So we will have to enter the passcode of the other iPhone, and then it will go ahead and activate the new iPhone 12.

Now, you do not need to put your SIM card in just yet. It’s fine if you want to transfer over. It’s not going to hurt anything, but you don’t need it. It’s not completely required for this step. You can put it in after you’ve already, you know, transferred everything over.

But it doesn’t hurt. Like I said, if you want to put it in, you can go ahead and do that with the included SIM card. You can see we get the prompt for face ID. So let’s go ahead and continue, and we will set up the face ID.

You are just going to go ahead and scan your face two times. It tells you how to do it right here. We’ll go ahead and click on Get started. Then we have to position our face in the frame and do two rounds of this.

There we go. We did two scans for Face ID, and we are good. Let’s go ahead and continue. And then here’s where you see the option transfer data from the old iPhone. It says if you’re moving, you can move all this data over directly, of course.

And if you want to do something else, if you want to do an iCloud backup restore, you can do that by tapping on other options. However, this is the easiest way. This is the way I want to be doing in the way I recommend everybody do.

Just go and tap on, continue, then it will set up your upload here. We’re going to go ahead and agree to the terms and conditions. We get the prompt for settings from your other iPhone. So it says that the following settings can be transferred from your old iPhone.

You could customize them individually. I would recommend just the hit continue just because you’re not really going to change anything in there. If you go ahead and customize those, it’s just going to transfer over all the settings from your old phone to this phone.

You can also set up Apple Pay there if you want to. I would highly recommend setting up Apple Pay if you have not done so already. But we go ahead and set that up later. But anyway, we do have Siri here as well. You do want to set up Siri as well.

You’re gonna have to say the command right there. So recognizes your voice and things like that. And then we have our analytics there, which will basically send data to app developers to help improve the applications. I personally do this.

Many people may not do that, but there’s really nothing privacy-related that’s, you know, going to be exposed or anything like that. I think there’s no reason not to enable that. Then you will have to enter the passcode for your applied.

You can go ahead and skip the step. We can always do that later if you want to. That is just for the application. Now you can see it says transferring data from the old iPhone.

Keep your other iPhone nearby and connected to power until the transfer is complete. It is recommended to be plugged into power as well, although it is not required.

Basically shows the same thing, and it says transferring data instead of transferring data from the other phone. So this should not take very long, but it does depend on how much data you have on the old phones.

If you have a lot of games, if you have a lot of data, if you have many text messages, a lot of photos, then that will take a little while and more. It depends on app sizes if you have a lot of apps.

I’ll probably take a little bit longer—usually photos and contacts and things like that. And text messages are usually pretty quick just because they’re already saved within iCloud. So those tend to transfer over quickly.

But applications I’ve noticed have been, you know, what causes us to take a little while. It is going to transfer all of that stuff over to the new iPhone wudu here. So we just finished up transferring all of the data. And you can see here; this is what it says on the old iPhone. It says transfer complete.

Your data has been transferred to your other iPhone before you trade and give away or sell this iPhone. You should completely erase it by going to settings and choosing to erase all content and settings, which I showed earlier if you had already gone through the setup screen.

The other device, the new iPhone 12, will be rebooting, and you will see this little progress bar underneath the Apple logo. And then, once this is done, it should be back to the home screen. And we will find that we have all of the content intact that we had on our old iPhone.

And by the way, we did take a little bit longer than expected. It took me about 30 to 45 minutes to transfer over all the data. But that’s once again because I had many large applications, and I had some photos that were not done through iCloud.

They weren’t transferred over iCloud. They were just on the device. Again, it will depend on how much data you actually have. We did just come back from the reboot. So let’s go ahead and unlock. And then it says Restore completed apps and data will continue downloading in the background.

Let’s continue. Let’s agree then. We have a couple of other things there—improved Siri and dictation. We are just going to click no on that. I will share the app analytics swipe up. And there you go. You can see already it is identical, the setup, and everything is identical to the old device.

The widgets are in place, the background, the wallpaper, the app icons, literally everything. And you could see it’s downloading everything else here as well. Everything is the same. Also, to go into our messages, you could see that the messages are the same.

All of our messages are intact, and it’s the same for photos. You can find all of our photos right there, exactly the same. So as you can tell, we have everything transferred over from the old iPhone to the new iPhone 12.

That is a straightforward process to transfer everything over. And once again, it is wise to have the iCloud back up, which I did recommend early on. It’s not required, but it is recommended just for future use.

And make sure on your new iPhone 12, you go ahead and enable that as well. Go to your name up there, iCloud, and then make sure you have iCloud backup turned on. And that way, it will back up every night when you plug it in and when you go to sleep.

So that is deeply recommended just in case you lose your phone, or it breaks or something like that. You want to make sure you have a backup of everything, and you may want to go ahead and enable messages as well. You want to enable everything you want to backups.

If you want all of your messages to be backed up, you should go ahead and select that. And of course, photos, you want to make sure everything is selected. And of course, you want to make sure to keep an eye on your storage and buy more if necessary.

But anyway, guys, yeah, that’s pretty much it. That is How to backup old iPhone & restore to iPhone 12. I hope this post did you out. If you are looking for How to spoof location on iPhone, Fake GPS Location

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