‘Captain America’ Chris Evans sending shield to little boy who saved sister from dog attack


Captain America is giving a special present to one very brave little boy.

At six years old, Bridger Walker is already the pal you are lucky to find, a brother you would blessed to have and a son who could make your heart burst with pride.

This is the  message from Captain America:


Ahold of Bridgers cheek Bridger was rushed to the ER a two-hour procedure 90 stitches but he is okay and his little sisterIs unhurt his mother and father saying bridger instructed them i at all times wished to experience in an ambulance however not like this possibly i can experience home in A single such a lot of have been moved through Bridgers bravery the little superhero has been convalescing at domestic in his superhero outfits.

Bridger’s little sister was charged by a neighbor’s dog, and
the boy did what many full-grown of us may not have the braveness to do: He stood straight
between the dog and his sister, sustaining a number of chunk wounds to his face and head.
When the dog did not back off, Bridger grabbed his sister’s hand and ran, guiding her to
security. Requested by his father why he did what he did, Bridger responded “If someone was going to die, I thought it should be me.”

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