Hopes rise for a coronavirus vaccine: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response

coronavirus vaccine

Is this safe?

A team of scientists at oxford university, say they’ve reached an extremely essential milestone of their work to develop a vaccine for coronavirus, they are saying the vaccine they’re developing appears to be safe, and triggers an immune response based mostly on early trials involving more than a thousand people, the government has already ordered a 100 million doses of the vaccine but while the findings are certainly promising the experts, say it’s still too soon to know how much protection it actually offers and larger trials are now underway our medical correspondent

How it work:

vaccines work by training the immune system, to recognize and remember the enemy in this case coronavirus.The oxford vaccine stimulates the advent of professional y-fashioned proteins referred to as neutralizing antibodies in, the occasion of future exposure these should latch on to the coronavirus, and prevent infection it also stimulates the creation of T cells another key a part of the immune system those have to sweep up after the antibodies, and ruin any cells which have end up infected.

In the first 1000 volunteers the vaccine was safe ,and two doses gave a better immune response than one the oxford team says it’s a really important milestone.

But we don’t know if the vaccine will work in the real world, and protect people from infection trials
have begun in south africa and brazil both virus hot spots so the answer there may come sooner than in the UK.
These over 70s in Southampton are all signing up to receive the vaccine, older people are more vulnerable to covid19, and Our immune system weakens as we age so whether or not the vaccine protects them is any other key query that desires answering.

When are we possibly to look this!

According to the team there’s a lot yet they don’t know, for example with the oxford vaccine how long that immunity response lasts for it was only measured for eight weeks in those early volunteers, we’ll need it to last for many months, if not years many patients who’ve had covid19, many of them their antibody levels decline quite rapidly after a couple of months, answers on efficacy does it works they might get by the end of the year but more likely with most vaccines it will come sometime next year and remember that roughly 9 out of 10 vaccine trials fail even some that were promising early on.

How many vaccines did they get?

There are 23 covid19 vaccines in the clinic, another 140 in early development, now oxford is one of the front runners they had encouraging results today from a chinese coronavirus vaccine, china has more covid19 vaccines in the clinic than any other country, the UK government has bought 190 million doses of covid 19 vaccine 100 million of the oxford vaccine 90 million of two other companies all taking quite different approaches, now even allowing for the fact that They need two doses that’s way more than the uk needs, but it’s an acknowledgement that maybe one two maybe three of those might work but certainly it’s likely some of them will fail.


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